Advantages of CIS technology

Why do real-world conditions matter?

If you could select the criteria for the ideal system, you would choose an installation facing south with a tilt angle best suited to the direction of the sun. The environs would be absolutely free of shade and the air would be clear and devoid of impurities – whether dirt, dust, fog or smog. The weather would always be cold and sunny, bringing out the highest possible energy yields.

But in the real world, this very rarely happens. Roofs have different orientations. Temperatures climb to extremes – especially in deserts. Trees, chimneys, buildings and even clouds cast shadows. Humidity, lighting conditions and a myriad of other climatic conditions fluctuate between environments. Every one of these factors can impact the energy yield of a solar power system.

CIS advantages in real-world conditions

CIS is suited to dealing with real-world conditions, resulting in higher energy yield. This makes our technology different.