Environmental Friendliness & Aesthetics

Environmentally Friendly

CIS has no special recycling requirements and requires less energy to produce.

In the solar panel industry, we use a metric called Energy Payback Time (EPT). This measures the time for a module to generate the same amount of energy as required to manufacture it. CIS modules require 60% less energy to produce than crystalline silicon panels.

Our modules are also cadmium and lead-free, and have no special recycling requirements. We are certified as compliant with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations.

Aesthetically Refined

CIS can be integrated into natural surroundings or used for visual enhancement.

Solar Frontier CIS modules have a black module surface and a black aluminum frame. The color comes from our proprietary production process. Only two silver busbars are visible on the edge of the module. On top of this, our modules use anti-reflective glass - for aesthetics, safety and efficiency.