More kWh per kWp – even in the most unfavourable conditions

It is the combination of properties embodied in CIS technology that makes it so special. It offers the best possible solution for generating the highest possible energy yields – even under the most difficult of circumstances.

If conventional PV installations are expected to achieve ideal yields, then ideal conditions must be present. A south facing roof, perfect inclination for all irradiation angles, complete freedom from shadows, no fog, no clouds and clear, unpolluted air. And the weather should be sunny yet cool all year round!

If just one of these ideal conditions does not obtain, the claimed nominal output (Wp) cannot be achieved.

Highest yields: for every roof, every orientation and every site

This does not apply for the CIS PowerModules from Solar Frontier. In combination, the sum of their properties – good low light behaviour, high shadow tolerance, high temperature stability, the light soaking effect – ensures that they deliver higher yields (kWh) under all conditions.

The performance capabilities of our CIS modules have been tested and compared with the output of conventional systems by independent organisations over years. Find out more about the real yield difference with CIS PowerModules as measured in actual application scenarios.

Accordingly, CIS modules are eminently well suited for any roof, any roof orientation, and almost any installation location.