Power by system design – for any application

PowerSystems refers to all system solutions in which the combination of components is optimised to provide the greatest possible advantage in terms of yield, savings and simplicity in both residential and commercial settings.


PowerSets are preconfigured PV systems for residential roof installations – components that have been tuned to work perfectly with each other offer maximum efficiency and yield. The properties of the individual components complement each other. For example, the starting behaviour and cooling function of the inverter help to enhance the good low light characteristics and temperature stability of the CIS PowerModules. The modules fit any roof size, orientation and slope, and are easy to order and mount. Planning and procurement are also much less complicated.


PowerSaver is the customised self-consumption solution for commercial customers who want to cut electricity costs permanently. From the load profile analysis to daily operation, Solar Frontier advises, assists and supports its commercial customers with a comprehensive, all-in package covering every aspect of an optimised solar power system for the exclusive use of the business. PowerSaver integrates services that work to the advantage of both the system owners and the installers.


There are many reasons why the Solar Frontier PowerPort solutions for carport structures are ideal for generating solar power. Parking areas can be put to double use, affording the operator not only large financial benefits but also independence. The flexible module system and prefabricated components of the PowerPort make setup and installation easy and quick, so the system can begin producing power as soon as possible.

The PowerSystems provide customers with access to the expertise of Solar Frontier in any application.