Turning your roof into an economic asset

Energy costs are an essential cost factor in modern production companies. The energy-price trend shows an increase of a good 4% annually in the past 10 years. Due to the increasing scarcity of resources throughout the world, no reduction in the price of electricity can be expected in coming years. This is also a reason that increasingly more companies are deciding to produce their own electricity. You as a manufacturing company can use modern solar-energy solutions not only for producing green energy, but also to keep energy costs constant for the next 20 years. You will also add value to your real estate by installing a sustainable PV system. The investment in a Solar Frontier PV system consequentially pays off in every aspect. 

Solar Frontier offers various solutions to commercial customers which let them become their own energy producers. Our PowerSet Industrial products offer a fully new, standardised and modular solar solution, which can be used for nearly every roof configuration.

Complete modular system for commercial rooftops

 Maximum yields under real conditions

Test sites demonstrate the higher yields of CIS technology

The benefits of CIS technology easily explained

Extensive references, also in your vicinity

Simply contact the Solar Frontier experts

Become your own energy producer and profit from the following advantages:

  • Permanently less expensive and cleaner electricity
  • Additional compensation for any excess energy generated
  • Less dependency on the energy-price trends
  • Better image thanks to environmental awareness.


Facade InstallationBibbienaItaly63 kWpCommercial RooftopBlandfordUnited Kingdom41 kWpCommercial RooftopDarlingtonUnited Kingdom142 kWpIndustrial RooftopErongo MountainsNamibia51 kWpLogistic CenterHamburgGermany509 kWpCommercial RooftopLelystadNetherlands31 kWpCommercial rooftopTubbergenNetherlands17 kWpIndustrial rooftopZwolleNetherlands854 kWp
Facade Installation
63 kWp
Commercial Rooftop
United Kingdom
41 kWp
Commercial Rooftop
United Kingdom
142 kWp
Industrial Rooftop
Erongo Mountains
51 kWp
Logistic Center
509 kWp
Commercial Rooftop
31 kWp
Commercial rooftop
17 kWp
Industrial rooftop
854 kWp