29. March 2016

Plus-Energy advertising tower with Solar Frontier CIS modules as eye-catcher and power supplier at OBI

It looms 10 meters in height, the first Plus-Energy advertising tower, which has been decorating the OBI parking lot in Swabian Öhringen since November, 2015. The familiar little orange OBI mascot greets the hardware store customers from the black WinTower, while higher up, the company logo is resplendent in the same colour. Panelled with 32 CIS modules from Solar Frontier and an eye-catching Darrieus wind turbine on the pinnacle, however, the tower is not merely a means of advertising: 3000 kWh of green electricity are produced here every year by solar and wind energy. This is sufficient to operate the tower lighting at night using power-saving LED radiators. As if that wasn't enough, the tower also serves as a power source for E-bikes and electric cars, which can charge their batteries with freshly produced green electricity. "E-filling station, advertising surface and visual highlight – with the WinTower, we implemented our idea of offering companies a sustainable product which unites environment, advertising and image," says SolarConsult executive chairman Ralf Kleinknecht, explaining the unique concept.

The use of powerful Solar Frontier CIS modules makes the high energy production possible. Thanks to their outstanding low-light performance, the modules can be installed in every cardinal direction and provide considerable yields even when facing north. The vertical attachment of the modules on the façade makes it possible to convert light into energy even when the sun is low in the sky.

The parallel switching of the CIS modules with the SolarInvert SOL 2200-90 low-voltage power inverter also enables every module to produce maximum power - there is no need to fear yield loss when individual modules are partially shaded. The shade tolerance of the Solar Frontier modules pays off here: during partial shading, the remainder of the module continues to freely produce electricity. "The CIS modules in combination with our own developed SolarInvert power inverts are perfectly suited for our WinTower concept, which we expect to implement again and again," says Ralf Kleinknecht with certainty. Building permits for the next projects are already available. You can find more information and current yield data at http://www.wintower.de/wintower/referenzen/.