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28. November 2016

Did you know that...? The biggest community-owned green field solar plant in Saxony-Anhalt implemented with Solar Frontier CIS-Modules

“What cannot be done alone, must be done together” – it may sound like an empty catchphrase, but in practice, it works remarkably well. Based on this idea, 100 residents in the Magdeburg area joined forces to create the citizen’s...more >

25. October 2016

Did you know...? CIS modules score with enhanced spectral behaviour

In the autumn, weather conditions are often unfavourable — a thick blanket of fog, heavy rain or even just clouds make it difficult for the rays of the sun to reach the earth. On some days, hardly any light comes through and...more >

23. September 2016

Did you know...? Discover the optimised mounting structure and matching accessories for PowerModules now

Finding the perfect combination of components for your PV systems can be a very challenging task. Do it the easy way and combine the PowerSets and PowerModules with the Lorenz mounting kit today. With this kit, Solar Frontier...more >

29. August 2016

Did you know...? Environmental protection with the return of PV packaging materials

Our commitment to the environment doesn't end with the production of modules to generate electricity from renewable energy sources. The responsible use of natural resources runs through the entire value creation chain at Solar...more >

25. July 2016

Did you know...? Upgrade today – all of our PowerSets can be easily expanded to include storage solutions

The market for energy-storage has developed rapidly in the past year. The combination of a PV system with a suitable storage system is recommended to increase the rate for private consumption and thus reduce the electricity...more >

28. June 2016

Did you know? Solar Frontier CIS modules with 15% more yield than crystalline module technology

The Norwegian IFE Institute (Institute for Energy Technology) has set itself the target of creating a climate-friendly energy system based on renewable energies. The independent research foundation has started gathering...more >

23. May 2016

Did you know…? – Solar Frontier honoured with the "Top PV Brand" seal of 
EuPD Research

Have you ever asked yourself which criteria can be used to recognise strong brands?The independent marketing research institute EuPD Research has defined this concept with a positive brand strategy, innovative product management,...more >

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