My PV system shows a rather low yield. What could be the reasons for this?

- AC power failures


You can check via the monitoring or the data logger if the inverter has registered power failures. Should there be power failures rather frequently, please get in touch with your network operator in order to check if mains failures occurred and if stabilising measures need to be introduced. 


- Highly contaminated modules


Please get the modules cleaned as indicated in our installation manual.


- Defective DC cable


Please contact your installation company to get the DC cable checked and replaced if necessary.


- Defective diode


There is no voltage measurable at the module. It is likely that the diode within the connection box is broken. This diode cannot be exchanged and the module needs to be replaced.   


- Glass breakage


Please get the respective module replaced by your installation company.

The glass layer of one of my modules is broken. What could be the reason for this and where do I get a replacement?

- Defect from external impact (stone chips)

A glass breakage caused by the impact of an external force leads to an exclusion of the guarantee. Please contact your installer to get the module replaced.


- Incorrect installation 

Improper installation can cause stresses within the module, which could lead to glass breakage. This leads to an exclusion of the guarantee. Please contact your installer to get the module replaced.


- Glass breakage due to an unknown cause

In case of you are unsure about the reason for the defect, please send us photos of the defective module as well as the serial number and information about the mounting system used. We will gladly check your details and promptly give you feedback about the damage.

My inverter is showing an insulation fault. What could be the reason for this?

The reason for an insulation defect is often a defect in the cabling. These can be caused for example by a marten bite or a defect plug connection in the system. Please check the cabling and repair them if necessary. Unfortunately, defective module cables or plugs cannot be exchanged and the module needs to be replaced. 

Please note that work on electrical devices should exclusively be carried out by authorised professionals.

My inverter is showing an error code on the display. Where can I check this?

In the manual of the inverter you can find an overview of all error codes including recommended actions. You can find this in our download section.

Can I rely on the availability of modules in the future?

Solar Frontier keeps a sufficient stock of replacement modules in its warehouse. As well as that, further modules are still being produced so that the availability is also guaranteed in the future.

How must the Solar Frontier PowerModules be disposed of at the end of their service life or if they are defective? And what costs will I incur from this?

Please treat the modules in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and have them recycled appropriately. The modules may not be disposed of in domestic waste.