What would a system look like on my roof?

Besides the advantages of being able to generate one’s own electricity, Solar Frontier CIS PowerModules can also be used to enhance the visual appearance of the building. The uniform appearance of the black modules, together with their black anodized aluminium frames, create the perfect blend of cutting edge technology and tasteful design.

How do the PowerModules of Solar Frontier change over the course of time?

Because of the technology on which they are based, Solar Frontier CIS modules are made to be stable for the long term, with regard to their energy yields as well as their appearance. Signs of degradation such as delamination, oxidation or the like, which negatively affect appearance and performance, do not happen.

My house is protected as a historical building – can solar modules even be installed on it?

Historic building protection, local zoning ordinances do not automatically disqualify a building. It is always helpful to consider the appearance of existing solar power systems and perhaps point out the modest elegance of a Solar Frontier PV installation. This can be done with a building application, for example.

How is the color of the frames for Solar Frontier modules defined?

The black frame of the Solar Frontier PowerModules blends perfectly with the consistent black appearance. The frames are coated in our Production department before they are shipped. Before shipping, they undergo testing under extreme conditions and tests of long-term tests performance. The anodizing technique used means that the frame color cannot be determined according to RAL, for example.