Do the Solar Frontier PowerModules pose a health hazard?

No. Solar Frontier is one of the very few manufacturers that has completely eliminated all toxic substances from its modules. This is confirmed in writing by the RoHS certificate, which attests to the fact that toxic substances like cadmium or lead are not used. This certificate can be viewed on our homepage under menu item Products  Certificates.

Are there any problems with electromagnetic radiation / fields?

PV modules do not emit radiation of any kind. Electrical fields are only created by the inverter while it is operating, and are no greater than those of a standard commercial laptop.

How must the Solar Frontier PowerModules be disposed of at the end of their service life?

Like all electrical and electronic apparatuses, according to the European Waste Catalog the modules by Solar Frontier must not be disposed of with normal domestic trash. They have to be collected at the locations set aside for this purpose. Solar Frontier is a member of PV Cycle, which is working on the development and participation conditions of a collection and recycling system for PV modules.

How do Solar Frontier PowerModules react in the event of a fire?

The Solar Frontier PowerModules were developed with full consideration for health and environmental care. The Organization for New Energies and Industrial Development (NEDO) in Japan, the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) in Germany and the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in the US have reported that in the event of a fire only very small quantities of toxic gases are released into the atmosphere. This is because the glass substrate and the front covering each have a lower melting point than the CIS absorber layer, which means that they trap the elements from the absorber layer.

Our modules have also been classified in class E according to EN-ISO 11925-2 by a respected test institution.

Do Solar Frontier PowerModules contain any environmentally harmful materials?

We are constantly striving to develop the most environmentally friendly solar technology possible. To this end, both internally and in our capacity as a member of PV Cycle we are working with our parent company on the development of a recycling system in Japan that has the support of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The PowerModules from Solar Frontier have been developed in such a manner that they do not pose a risk to health or the environment. Our modules can be disposed of safely when they reach the end of their service lives. The selenium that is contained in the module is in such a concentration and a chemical composition that it is not a hazardous substance for humans or the environment.