Why are the Solar Frontier PowerModules the ideal modules for use in projects under real life conditions?

The standard test conditions (irradiation 1000 W/m² with a module temperature of
25 °C and sunlight spectrum with Air Mass factor 1.5), in which the datasheet characteristics of solar modules are determined, practically never occur in real life. In actual fact, for 70% to 80% of their operating times the irradiation values that prevail in PV systems are between 200 and 700 W/m². This is precisely the range in which Solar Frontier CIS modules outperform all other technologies. Together with shade optimization, temperature stability and the Light Soaking Effect, Solar Frontier CIS modules achieve the highest specific energy yields (kWh/kWp) and performance ratio values.

What is the specific weight of the Solar Frontier modules including the substructure?

Our MP3 module has a weight of 20 kg spread over an area of 1.23 m². This is equivalent to 16.26 kg/m². For substructures, the following weights should typically be added for roofing:

  • Trapezoidal sheet metal roof: approx. 7 kg/m²
  • Tiled or pantile roofs: approx. 10 kg/m²
  • Flat roof with elevated mounting (no ballasting): approx. 15 kg/m²

How is the color of the frames for Solar Frontier modules defined?

The black frame of the Solar Frontier PowerModules blends perfectly with the consistent black appearance. The frames are coated in our Production department before they are shipped. Before shipping, they undergo testing under extreme conditions and tests of long-term tests performance. The anodizing technique used means that the frame color cannot be determined according to RAL, for example.

What does a system cost?

PowerSets: Solar Frontier does not sell the PowerSets directly to end customers. We will gladly refer you to an installer close to you, who will prepare an estimate.

PowerSet Industrial: We will be glad to prepare you a binding estimate based on your actual requirement profile. To begin this process, please contact us at:

What guarantees to I get?

Your main conversation partner regarding guarantees is the installer of the PV system, because to some degree guarantees are contingent on maintenance activities.

The current product and performance guarantees for Solar Frontier modules are normally included automatically in the PV system documentation. This is also available for review in the Download area on our homepage.

Which (transformerless) inverters are approved for use with Solar Frontier modules?

In general, all transformerless inverters are approved for use with Solar Frontier PowerModules. Therefore, approval of a specific product by Solar Frontier is not necessary.

You can find a list of inverters that are compatible with Solar Frontier PowerModules in the Download area.

How can the most advantage be made of the Light Soaking Effect when specifying the inverter?

The tolerance ranges of the open circuit voltage ("Voc") and the short-circuit current ("Isc") are not affected by the Light Soaking Effect. Consequently, the information in the datasheet is quite sufficient for specifying the maximum system voltage and the maximum current.

Is it possible to connect strings in parallel without a fuse or reflux diodes?

As long as the solar system is properly installed by a professional according to manufacturers’ instructions it is possible to connect the strings of the PowerSet without any fuse or reflux diode.
Please note that certain local regulations might explicitly require the use of fuse to protect cables or modules. Please respect these regulations in any case.