Can my roof be impaired or damaged by a PV system ?

In theory, the solar modules do not represent a danger for any type of roof. Of course, the roof statics must also demonstrate the requisite extra load supporting capacity / m². The installation itself should be carried out by specialist solar energy engineers or installation specialists with demonstrated experience and qualifications. If Solar Frontier modules are installed in accordance with the installation instructions, there will be nothing to worry about regarding impairment of the roof.

Can my photovoltaic system cause a fire?

Provided it has been mounted correctly by a qualified technical services company, it is extremely unlikely that the PV system will cause a fire. The electrical and mechanical aspects of installing the modules must be carried out as directed in the Solar Frontier installation manual. If this is done, it is all but impossible for the PV modules to cause a fire.
If fires break out for other reasons the existence of a Solar Frontier PV system neither contributes to nor assists the propagation of the fire.

Our modules have also been tested according to EN-ISO 11925-2 by a renowned testing center, and were placed in class E.

Does a PV system attract lightning strikes?

No. The presence of a PV system does not increase the risk of a lightning strike. Even so, appropriate internal and external lightning protection measures are still recommended. These include overvoltage protection measures against inductive/capacitive couplings into the mains power grid caused by more distant lightning strikes, and lightning protection devices on the roof itself. These are particularly important for very exposed building positions.

How do the modules respond to heavy snowfalls?

As part of the product certification process to IEC 61646, several of the tests carried out relate to load resistance, to confirm that the units can be used without danger in all snow load zones up to defined terrain altitudes above sea level. For more detailed information, please refer to our product datasheets, which are available in the Download area on our homepage.

Are the modules likely to shatter?

As part of the product certification to IEC 61646, ice pellets are fired at the modules at speeds faster than 80 km/h, so shattering due to impacts of this kind can be ruled out.

What guarantees to I get?

Your main conversation partner regarding guarantees is the installer of the PV system, because to some degree guarantees are contingent on maintenance activities.

The current product and performance guarantees for Solar Frontier PowerModules are normally included automatically in the PV system documentation. This is also available for review in the Download area on our homepage.

What insurances do I need for my solar energy installation? Breakage, storm damage, theft, rodent damage, loss of revenue?

There are a number of insurance companies on the insurance market that have extensive experience with photovoltaic systems. The conditions of insurance may to some extent vary according to location and maintenance arrangements. The installation expert can also be helpful here.