What does the packaging of the module pallets look like, and how are they delivered? How is the top of the pallet protected from light?

The Solar Frontier PowerModules are protected during transportation by packaging designed for this purpose. They are shipped on a steel/resin pallet; a steel frame is mounted on the top side of the pallet. Each module is also equipped with four corner protectors. The modules are further protected from light in that they are packed with the front side facing down. One pallet holds 25 Solar Frontier PowerModules and weighs about 553 kg when fully loaded. The dimensions of a full pallet are: 132.5 cm x 110.0 cm x 120.0 cm (L x W x H).

In what format and how quickly are the flash lists sent?

The flash lists are sent to you in Excel format by email. The flash lists are usually made available to you the day before the delivery and never later than with the delivery of the modules. 

Where are the Solar Frontier PowerModules produced, and how is the production process organized?

The Solar Frontier PowerModules are manufactured in our factories in Japan. Unlike other module technologies, at Solar Frontier all of the components are processed and worked to form the CIS modules in a single work processing chain. For our customers, this condensed production chain is accompanied by a number of advantages: uninterrupted quality monitoring, an attractive price-performance ratio due to process automation, one of the shortest energy payback times in the PV industry, and no chance of punitive duties.