Do I have to register my replacement inverter in the Monitoring portal?

A registration of your exchange inverter is not required. Please just send an email to "" including the serial numbers of your old and new device and we will take care of the necessary adjustments.

My Monitoring Portal is not showing any data. What could be the reason for this?

Apparently, there is a problem with the data dispatch and the internet connection. As a first step, please make sure that the inverter is connected correctly to your internet router as described in our installation manual. 

In case the connection does not show any errors, one of the following malfunctions could be present:

- The inverter is not sending any data

Please turn the DC switch to "off" and turn off the AC switch of the device. Now leave the device powerless for at least five minutes. Afterwards, please turn on both the AC and the DC power again. The sequence is irrelevant here. The device should now reconnect to the server and establish a data connection. 

- No data connection or faulty data connection

Please make sure that the inverter is having a stable network connection. Wireless connections might be delicate.

- After a replacement of an inverter

Please let us have the name of the installation along with the serial numbers of your old and new device. Your Monitoring portal is instantly updated with these data and you can use it with all functions again. 

- Defect in the inverter

Please contact our Support and keep your serial numbers to hand.

Is the data still available after the replacement of an inverter or will only new yields be shown?

The system yield data will still be available after the replacement of an inverter.

Where can I adjust my settings?

To access the settings menu, please click on the gear wheel symbol on your dashboard.

Can I download the yield data?

There is a download area on the dashboard where the yield data of your installation can be exported in Excel format.