Highest yields – greatest possible security

Solar Frontier PowerPlants all over the world confirm the performance capabilities of our modules and the associated profitability of investing in our technology. Many capital projects show: the yields generated by Solar Frontier systems exceed expectations.

Solar Frontier has set itself the objective to ensure that investors and their projects receive the best possible performance for a given site.

This is why we are glad to assist you even starting in the planning phase with a system design that is perfectly optimized for the physical properties of our CIS PowerModules. Take advantage of the skills and experience of over 250 engineers in Research and Development and experts for large PV power stations.

System efficiency is maximized by the careful selection of components that have been tuned to work optimally with each other. Our high quality standards – both in our own module production and when selecting system components – are vital factors for ensuring predictably high yields well into the future.

In this way, you benefit from the highest profitability from your investment either as an operator and owner, or when negotiating with financing partners and potential investors.

Solar Frontier offers you double security for your solar power installation – with regard to both the products themselves and the company that develops and manufactures them.

Independent institutes regularly confirm the quality of our modules and system solutions: the performance and durability of our products are affirmed with certifications that apply for general product types, specific locations and national regulations.

With Solar Frontier modules, the highest yields are also linked with the greatest possible investment security. Solar Frontier is backed by over 30 years of experience in the field of solar energy. Among our shareholders are Shell and Saudi Aramco who are pursuing a long term strategy in the energy sector.