Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.

The first complete modular system for commercial rooftops.

The Solar Frontier PowerSet Industrial is an entirely new and standardised complete modular solution for commercial and industrial customers.

The principle is as simple as it is sophisticated. The PowerSets are based on standardised self-contained units, which include all necessary components. Each of these is of outstanding quality - perfectly matched, pre-configured and extremely simple to install.

The decisive factor: You can combine the individual units according to your requirements. So you can offer the perfect solution for every commercial rooftop and for every customer's need.

One quality standard, infinite possibilities

Each single component meets the highest quality requirements and is perfectly integrated into the overall system. This new quality standard can be reproduced in every unit and used for every commercial rooftop

Minimum effort for planning and installation

The pre-configured units reduce time and effort to a minimum. Very simple planning, no complex configuration, very fast installation, and no error sources: Never has it been so easy and cost-effective to equip commercial rooftops with top-quality PV systems.

Two units for all commercial roofs

The PowerSet Industrial units are available in two performance categories (21 and 33 kWp) with respectively different sizes. So you can put together the right overall solution for every roof and revenue requirement.

Integrated PowerMonitoring

All Solar Frontier PowerSets Industrial can be connected to the Solar Frontier monitoring portal via the integrated interface. Track your energy yield, calculate your CO2 reductions and compare your profits to other systems. 

This service is free for 10 years. Simply register online at: Monitoring PowerSets

10-Years System Guarantee

We don’t promise anything. We guarantee it. That’s why each Solar Frontier PowerSet Industrial comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

PowerSets Industrial advantages at a glance:

  • Complete solution for all commercial rooftops (flat and trapezoidal roofs)
  • Flexible modular system design
  • Perfectly matched, high-quality components
  • Highest yields with CIS technology - even under extreme conditions
  • Major cost and time savings, from planning to installation
  • Very simple and safe calculation, based on all-in prices
  • 10-year system guarantee
  • User-friendly PowerMonitoring – 10 years for free
  • Reliable delivery, no waiting for single components
  • Secure, optimised maximum yields
  • Innovation – perfect for acquiring new customers

Would you like to find out more about PowerSets Industrial from Solar Frontier? Then simply contact us! We will contact you as soon as we are able to – and show you the possibilities surrounding your individual situation.

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