General Conditions of Use

Thank you for using our PowerMonitoring monitoring service (“PowerMonitoring"). Access to and use of PowerMonitoring is subject to the following conditions. Please read and agree with the following General Conditions of Use before using PowerMonitoring. We assume that all users of PowerMonitoring have read thoroughly and agreed with all of the following Conditions of Use:

1. Copyright and Trademark Right

All copyright and other rights related to information / logos / trademarks / images / sound on PowerMonitoring belong to Solar Frontier Group, the original author(s), or other right holders.

Any use which is not permitted by the German Copyright Act (Urhebergesetz) requires the prior written approval by Solar Frontier Europe GmbH „(hereinafter referred to as Solar Frontier)“. This applies in particular to duplication, transmission, dissemination, editing, translation, storage, processing and/or reproduction in data bases or other electronic media and systems.  Printouts and downloads for personal, private or non-commercial use are permitted.

Solar Frontier uses open source software for parts of PowerMonitoring. The use of this open source software is subject to a license agreement. This agreement allows the use of copies of this open source software and all files that belong to it. No restrictions limit dealing with the open source software including the right of using, copying, modifying, merging, publishing, sublicensing, and/or selling it. The user can request a directory of the license conditions of this open source software under

2. Disclaimer

Solar Frontier provides PowerMonitroing with due care. For the correctness, completeness and topicality of the content no responsibility is accepted for any reason whatsoever.

Solar Frontier is not liable for any damages incurred by using PowerMonitoring.

Solar Frontier is not liable for any damages resulting from a failure or malfunction of PowerMonitoring.

Solar Frontier may change the content of PowerMonitoring without prior notice, and may also suspend or terminate the operation of PowerMonitoring without prior notice and without giving any reason.

3. Links from PowerMonitoring

PowerMonitoring might contain links to external websites of third parties over whose contents we do not have any influence and for which contents no responsibility is accepted. Instead, for the content of linked websites, the respective publisher or operator is responsible. Linked websites were checked at the time of linking for possible legal violations. Illegal contents were not recognizable at the time of linking. A permanent control of the contents of linked pages is unreasonable without concrete indication of an infringement. Upon notification of infringements we will remove such links immediately.

4. Links to our PowerMonitoring

When you provide a link to PowerMonitoring, please comply with the following instructions.

- Please link the top page ( of PowerMonitoring, and refrain from linking to other pages.

- It is not permitted to provide a link to PowerMonitroing from any website that contains illegal acts or inappropriate contents, or any website that disturbs public orders and morals.

- It is not permitted to provide a link to PowerMonitoring for commercial purposes.

- It is not permitted to use the corporate logos and images on PowerMonitoring as a link button. Please use the text "Solar Frontier Europe GmbH" as a link to PowerMonitoring.

- It is not permitted to provide a link that combines any page of PowerMonitoring with other contents or websites, or that shows our website within a frame. Please make sure to configure a link to show PowerMonitoring on a new window of a browser.

- Solar Frontier is neither responsible nor liable for claims for damages, other complaints or requests from any third party against the owner of the external websites that contain a link to PowerMonitoring. Solar Frontier makes no warranty with respect to the contents of these external websites.

5. Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise agreed, in the event of dispute the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, shall apply to the use of PowerMonitoring and the interpretation and application of these General Conditions of Use.

6. International Users

Should you access PowerMonitoring and/or download contents, please note that it is your own responsibility to ensure that you act in compliance with local legislation applicable in that place.

7. Duties of the user

The user is obliged to truthfully input the necessary data to create a user account, the typical data of the solar system and any changes of these. 

The user will provide Solar Frontier with all information that is required to fulfill the order and ensure a smooth operation of PowerMonitoring.

The user is also required to fulfill the technical requirements in order for Solar Frontier to provide the function of PowerMonitoring.

The user is obliged to inform Solar Frontier about any visible disturbance of PowerMonitoring without delay and to support Solar Frontier in analyzing and removing the failures with an exact description of the occurring issue, a detailed written report to Solar Frontier, and with providing the necessary data and enough time to Solar Frontier to correct the disturbance.

The user is obliged to protect the login data of his PowerMonitoring account from any unauthorized knowledge by third parties. The user will be obliged to pay for the services that third parties acquire using his login data, as long as he is responsible for that. The user is obliged to inform Solar Frontier immediately as soon as he is aware of any unauthorized knowledge of his login data by third parties. Furthermore, he is required to immediately change his login data if there is any doubt about third parties who might know his login data.

The user affirms that all picture data (e.g. photograph of the solar system) and all other data that he uses do not infringe on any copyright, IP protection right, commercial protection right (e.g. trademark, patent, registered design), and any other right (e.g. right on a person´s own image, name rights and privacy rights), and do not contain any immoral, anti-constitutional, pornographic content or any content that might be liable to have an undesirable influence on the development of young people. Solar Frontier reserves the right to immediately delete any illegal and abusive content of the user.

The user is obliged to comply with all relevant laws.

The user is not allowed to abuse of the service of Solar Frontier. An abusive use is particularly the case when technical tools or methods that damage or may damage the functionality of PowerMonitoring are used (e.g. scripts, bots or further software).

8. Contract duration and termination

The free usage of PowerMonitoring for two years is included in the selling price of PowerSets with a turbo inverter. An extension, subject to a charge, will be actively offered to the user by Solar Frontier. The user approves Solar Frontier to contact him with an offer for the extension of PowerMonitoring.

The user can interrupt the upload of data to the PowerMonitoring at any time by interrupting the internet connection to the inverter or data logger in order to stop the data transmission to PowerMonitoring. The consequences are defined in the guarantee terms of Solar Frontier. This does not result in deleting the user and system data. Furthermore, the system will still be visible in the public overview of PowerMonitoring.

A termination and the related complete deletion of the user and system data, must be given to Solar Frontier in writing.

9. Final provisions

Solar Frontier reserves the right to modify these Conditions of Use at any time due to legal or practical reasons. Changes of the Conditions of Use will be announced by Solar Frontier in good time before they come into effect. The changes become effective if the user does not revoke within two weeks. With the announcement of changes, Solar Frontier will remind the user of his right to revoke and the consequences of not revoking.