Eco-friendly energy has never looked so good

PV installations were long considered to be reasonable and clever solutions – but definitely not good looking. The CIS PowerModules of Solar Frontier have completely changed that.

The black surface and black frame ensure that the modules blend into the architecture and the environs in an aesthetically pleasing way. What‘s more: in many cases its sleek design even improves the overall appearance of the roof or of the entire building.

Not only residential rooftops are upgraded in look and appearance by the aesthetics of the Solar Frontier PowerModules; even businesses appreciate the aesthetics of the PowerModules in addition to the high yields – no matter if on a façade or as a rooftop application.

The unique composition of Solar Frontier’s PowerModules is the reason for their typically black appearance, which in some very few cases is slightly cloudy. This is due to what is referred to as the Aurora effect. It is caused by the use of non-toxic materials such as zinc instead of the toxic cadmium. This does not diminish the modules’ performance.

In the case of free-field power plants and flat roofs, too, CIS PowerModules show an aesthetical added value thanks to the low tilt angle and the resulting better integration into the environment. As the modules can be installed quite flat, meaning with a low tilt angle, they blend very well into the environment in which the plant is installed.

In addition, in the case of free-field power plants and flat roofs the good shadow tolerance makes a lower distance between the module rows possible. Thus a higher system capacity can be installed on a limited area, resulting in a smaller installation.