Sustainable in every way.

Photovoltaic is one of the main pillars of renewable energy. Generating electricity with renewable solar energy is fundamentally characterized by a high degree of environmental friendliness while conserving resources especially compared to electricity generation from conventional fossil fuels.

And yet the various PV technologies differ considerably among themselves, especially with regard to production methods, raw material requirements and the use of environmentally hazardous substances.

Solar Frontier consistently implements the principal of sustainability throughout its operations – from handling raw materials through manufacturing and on to a virtually waste-free delivery.

  • Eliminating cadmium and lead: no environmentally hazardous materials are processed
  • One of the few manufacturers to comply with the stringent RoHS guidelines (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • Environmentally safe production through minimal raw material requirement:  Solar Frontier’s PowerModules are manufactured with minimal raw material. The raw material requirement is especially low compared to the manufacturing of silicon modules:
  • One of the shortest energy payback times (EPT) in the market: The energy required to produce one module is recovered in less than one year by the electricity generated by the module. Thus Solar Frontier not only produces environmentally friendly solar energy, but even in the production process of the PowerModules it also secures a responsible and environmentally friendly, low energy resource usage.
Compasrison of energy payback
  • Replacing cardboard packaging materials with reusable packaging picked up by the company’s own recovery system.