Reliable quality – reliable partner

Our shareholders Shell and Saudi Aramco are pursuing a long-term strategy in the energy sector. Similarly, solar installations are considered to be long-term investments. For this reason many customers not only consider high output levels to be a crucial factor, but also the security linked to the investment. Security not only concerning the product, but also the company that develops, manufactures and sells the product.

Solar Frontier offers you double security for your solar installation – not only for a product, but also for a company you can depend on.

The modules are manufactured under far more stringent quality assurance requirements than usually customary or required. In addition to standard quality controls, they are subjected to special load and durability tests. This includes a testing station for hardness tests under temperature fluctuations ranging from -40 to +80 °C.

Highest yields – greatest possible security
for your investment.

Highest yields at Solar Frontier are also coupled to the greatest possible security for your investment. With Shell and Saudi Aramco, Solar Frontier is backed up by two powerful financial and professional partners who can look back on over two decades of expertise in the energy sector and assure a long-term commitment in the market.

Solar Frontier also has pertinent experience gathered from numerous large-scale projects resulting from collaboration with major EPCs (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) worldwide. Japan, Germany, France, Mexico and Greece are only a few of the countries in which large-scale Solar Frontier installations are producing yields beyond all expectations. End customers in the private sector also profit from our expertise in this area.

An additional safeguard is provided by local contacts: Customers in Europe have found a partner in Solar Frontier with knowledge of local condition and capable of dealing on site with customers‘ needs. The European headquarters is more than just a sales office; it combines all functions necessary to support customers, including customer service, technical support, marketing and training.