Commercial Rooftop Castrop-Rauxel

Site Overview
Location Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
Coordinates 51.31° N, 7.19° E
Average global irradiance 1,023kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 9.7 °C, 49.5 °F
Average precipitation 838 mm/yr, 33 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstream July 2013
System capacity 174.8 kWp
Panel type SF 140-S (140 W)
Number of installed panels 1,248
Tilt angle, orientation 10°, 0° (S), 180° (N)
Expected output 1,011 kWh/kWp (south side), 840 kWh/kWp (north side)
Total CO2reduction 132,022 kg/yr, 291,010 lbs/yr (south side),
112,840 kg/yr, 248,770 lbs/yr (north side)
Inverter 1x Solarmax 80C (south side),
1x Kaco Powador 36.0 TL3 INT-M (north side),
1x Kaco Powador 60.0 TL3 INT-M (north side)
Financing Bank

lean solar GmbH is a system provider in the solar and renewable energy
field. They offer custom-made energy consulting and individual solutions
for environmental energy generation and cost reduction. As a “one-stop”
provider they can pass significant benefits and costs transparently to their
customers. From planning to commissioning, lean solar GmbH remains the
sole contact for customers.

This project is a 174.8 kWp photovoltaic plant of which 87.4 kWp were
installed both on the southern and the northern part of the roof of an
industrial warehouse in Castrop-Rauxel. Since July 2013, a total of 1,248
Solar Frontier CIS modules are generating solar energy, which are predicted
to produce an annual output of 1,851 kWh/kWp. The plant stands out due to
the fact that it is a repowering project: the client already had a photovoltaic
installation on the southern part of his rooftop. As his former PV plant
did not show the calculated performance anymore he now decided to
replace the old modules by new 140 W Solar Frontier modules which are
more powerful. In addition, he also equipped the northern part of the roof
with further 624 innovative CIS modules. The reinvestment payed off for
the client due to the combination of the formerly high compensation for
electricity fed into the grid and the high yields per installed kWp of the
mounted Solar Frontier modules.

Due to the good low-light behavior of the modules, not only the southern
part of the building but also the northern part can be used for efficient
energy production. The client is convinced of the quality and performance
and therefore already put into practice further photovoltaic projects in
collaboration with Solar Frontier.

About Solar Frontier
Solar Frontier is committed to creating the world’s most ecological, economical
solar energy solutions. Our proprietary CIS technology (denoting
key ingredients copper, indium, and selenium) has the best overall
potential to set the world’s most enduring standard for solar energy. For
more information visit and