Commercial Rooftop Gravina in Puglia II

Site Overview
Location Gravina in Puglia, Italy
Coordinates 40.9° N , 16.3° E
Average global irradiance 1,628 kWh/m²
Average temperature 16 °C, 60.8 °F
Average precipitation 596 mm/yr, 23.46 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstream June 2012
System capacity 29.70 kWp
Panel type SF-150L (150W)
Number of installed panels 198
Tilt angle, orientation 8°, 18° SW
Expected output 1,426 kWh/kWp
Total CO2reduction 24.4 t/year, 53,792.8 lbs/yr
Inverter 3 Omron KP 100L
Financing Bank
Private Investment

TreE is an engineering company based in Gravina in Puglia, Italy and is wellknown in the area. They were among the first companies in the country to install PV systems, and in the last year have concentrated mainly on rooftop applications.

This Solar Frontier installation comprising a total of 198 modules was connected to the grid in June 2012. Within the first year, the installation with a capacity of 29.70 kWp generated 1,426 kWh/kWp, thus saving over 24 tons of CO2. The owner is using the building to hold farm animals. He deliberately decided for the Solar Frontier PowerModules, which are based on the CIS technology, as these are ammonia-resistant and therefore also suitable for the particular conditions that prevail in an agricultural environment of this kind.

Due to the climate in Gravina in Puglia, the excellent thermal stability of the CIS modules was a very important criterion: the installation is in Southern Italy, and as such is exposed to temperatures as high as 40 °C. This can heat the modules to as much as 80 °C. Compared with similar module types, however, the PowerModules of Solar Frontier are less dependent on temperature, which means they deliver energy at a constant rate, even under these extreme conditions. The excellent low-light performance ensures that the owner of the installation does not have to sacrifice high yields simply because of the extremely unfavorable tilt angle.