Commercial Rooftop Überlingen

Site Overview
Location Überlingen, Germany
Coordinates 47.48° N, 9.10° E
Average global irradiance 1,009 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 9.2 °C, 48.6 °F
Average precipitation 914 mm/yr, 36.0 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstream July 2011
System capacity 68.12 kWp
Panel type SF130-L (130 W)
Number of installed panels 524
Tilt angle, orientation 15°, 71° W/-109° E
Expected output 64,507 kWh/yr
Total CO2reduction 57,086 kg/yr, 125,853 lbs/yr
Inverter 4 x Diehl AKO Platinum
Financing Bank

Schirra Solar Consulting GmbH, located in Wasserburg on Lake Constance, is a professional solar energy partner particularly for small and mediumsized crafts enterprises. Founded in 2009, Schirra Solar plans and installs turnkey solar systems.

Schirra Consulting GmbH has several sales offices and collaborates with a number of other solar energy specialist firms.

In July 2011, a commercial rooftop installation on a warehouse with 524 Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules was connected to the grid in Überlingen at Lake Constance by Schirra partner firm, Schlesies. The installation has a total capacity of 68.12 kWp and is expected to produce 64,507 kWh annually. The installation is expected to offset about 57 tons of CO2 emissions.

The challenge for this photovoltaic installation was to compensate two alleged disadvantages at the same time: a low roof tilt angle of only 15° and the majority of the roof space facing northeast. The installation was split into 308 modules on the northeast side of the roof and 216 modules facing southwest.

The Solar Frontier CIS modules used, perform significantly better than traditionally used silicon solar modules even and especially under these challenging conditions. The expected superior performance of the Solar Frontier modules is mainly based on their better low light behavior.