Facade Installation Bibbiena

Site Overview
Location Bibbiena, Italy
Coordinates 43.72° N, 11.81° E
Average global irradiance 1,400 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 13.6 °C, 56.48 °F
Average precipitation 910 mm/yr, 35.83 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstream June 2012
System capacity 63 kWp
Panel type SF150-L (150 W)
Number of installed panels 420
Tilt angle, orientation 90°, 14° S, -76° E
Expected output 52,245 kWh/yr
Total CO2reduction 29,414 kg/yr, 64,847 lbs/yr
Inverter Power One Trio
Financing Bank
Private Investment

Baraclit is a leading Italian company in the field of prefabricated concrete and since 1946 has been active in industrial and commercial sectors. The company’s headquarters and 350 employees are located in Bibbiena, Italy. In 2009, Baraclit introduced the “b.POWER” business division, focusing on building-integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV).

This facade installation, comprised of 420 Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules, was installed in June 2012 in the Italian city Bibbiena. The southern vertical wall was fitted with 57.75 kWp and the east wall with 5.25 kWp. The black modules make a strong architectural statement in Bibbiena.

This system is the first documented vertical facade installation of Solar Frontier’s CIS thin-film modules in Europe. Despite a very unfavorable tilt angle of 90°, the modules are exceptionally competitive compared to other technologies because of the broader spectrum of light absorption and low light strength, the same characteristics that allow Solar Frontier panels to work earlier and later in the day. This combination of performance and aesthetic value make Solar Frontier modules ideal for facade installations.