Industrial rooftop Zwolle

Site Overview
Location Zwolle, Netherlands
Coordinates 52,52° N, 6,08° E
Average global irradiance 1,090 kWh/m2
Average temperature 9.1 °C, 48.4 ° F
Average precipitation 778 mm, 30.6 in
Technical Overview
Date onstream October 2014
System capacity 854 kWp
Panel type SF155-S (155W)
Number of installed panels 5,512
Tilt angle, orientation 13°, +22° (SW)
Expected output 833 kWh/yr
Total CO2reduction 479,808 kg/yr, 1,057,796 lbs/yr
Inverter 39 x SMA-Danfoss FLX 17
Financing Bank
Private Investment

Ikaros Solar, headquartered in Schoten, is one of the top businesses operating in the field of solar energy. Founded in 2006, the company has evolved into an international company with subsidiaries in Belgium, the UK, Portugal, India and Mexico. The current portfolio of Ikaros Solar consists of over 140 MW of installed PV capacity ranging from private rooftop installations to commercial solar roof systems and free field installations.

For this project, 5,512 Solar Frontier CIS modules were installed on the flat roof of the newly constructed of a well-known Swedish furniture chain branch in Zwolle. Power production using solar energy is consistent with the goal of reducing the energy consumption of its buildings and increasing its reliance on renewable energy sources. This has also been the purpose of the 12,000 m 2 area on the roof of the store building in Zwolle since October 2014: with an output of 854 kWp, the Solar Frontier system has helped to lower CO2 emissions by almost 480 tons per year, representing a significant contribution to shrinking the company’s ecological footprint. The branch of the Swedish furniture chain also uses all of the energy generated in this way. This makes the rooftop installation one of the first commercial projects in Holland in which self-generated electricity represents a less expensive option than buying electricity from public providers.

The particularly impressive aspect of this project has been the efficiency of the PowerModules in less than ideal conditions, during cloudy whether or when the sun is low in the sky, for example. Unlike other popular module technologies, the Solar Frontier modules still deliver substantial yields under conditions such as these.