Neudrossenfeld Riding Hall

Site Overview
Location Neudrossenfeld, Germany
Coordinates 50.01° N, 11.52° E
Average global irradiance 1,020 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 7.7 °C, 45.9 °F
Average precipitation 936 mm, 36.9 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstream May 2011
System capacity 179.92 kWp
Panel type SF130-L (130 W)
Number of installed panels 1,384
Tilt angle, orientation Various
Expected output 143,936 kWh/yr
Total CO2reduction 127,200 kg/yr, 280,428 lbs/yr
Inverter SMA STP 15000 (x5), SMA STP 17000 (x6)
Financing Bank

Solagent GmbH designs and builds solar installations primarily on rooftops in the Nuremberg region. Each solution Solagent installs is tailored to the specific requirements of its clients. In this instance, it was decided that the PV modules should be thin-film, not crystalline because of the low tilt angle and the east/west orientation of the rooftop. The company opted in favor of Solar Frontier modules as they have a superior price/performance ratio, a high efficiency and a precise construction. On top of that, the modules could be installed very close to the roof and their aesthetics would complement the riding hall's overall design.

Joerg Lauterbach followed the recommendations of his supplier, MHH Solartechnik, to implement Solar Frontier's CIS thin-film modules. The installation in Neudrossenfeld is implemented on the roof of a brandnew indoor riding hall. In total, 1,384 modules were installed, providing 180 kWp of power. The system was split with 130 kWp of panels placed on the west side of the riding hall, and the remaining 50 kWp on the east side.

Once the decision in favor of using Solar Frontier's CIS modules had been reached, measuring and planning the system took only one day. The installation itself was rather quick as well: the modules including all cabling were put in place in 2.5 weeks.