Residential Rooftop Erlbach

Site Overview
Location Erlbach, Germany
Coordinates 48,18° N, 12,47° E
Average global irradiance 1,165 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 8.3 °C, 46.9 °F
Average precipitation 705 mm/yr, 27,76 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstream January 2012
System capacity 18.75 kWp
Panel type SF150-L (150 W)
Number of installed panels 125
Tilt angle, orientation 30°, -121° E, +59° W
Expected output 17,179 kWh/yr (05.04.2012 - 05.04.2013)
Total CO2reduction 14,185 kg/yr, 31,273 lbs/yr
Inverter Danfoss TLX 8-15k
Financing Bank

Medium-sized systems provider green solar AG is headquartered in Winhöring (Altötting), Germany. The company offers its customers turnkey photovoltaic systems for rooftop and free-field plants, taking over the complete support for projects from planning and installation to associated services. As a service provider for renewable energy, the company has experience of more than 1,500 completed projects.

The installation of this private rooftop in the Bavarian town of Erlbach with 125 Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules took place in January, 2012. Due to the excellent low-light behavior of the CIS technology, which plays an important role especially on roofs with an east-west orientation, the customer chose the CIS thin-film modules from Solar Frontier. CIS Solar Frontier modules begin working earlier and continue working longer before the sun sets and thus achieve a higher output compared to crystalline silicon modules.

Despite non-optimal conditions for PV as an East/West oriented rooftop, the plant has achieved a yield of 17,179 kWh according to green solar AG, exceeding the output forecast of 16,022 kWh by about 7 %. The annual CO2 savings of just over 14 tons are a welcome contribution to climate protection. Another reason to choose the lead- and cadmium-free Solar Frontier CIS modules was their aesthetics. The black design of the modules fits very well with the modern architecture of the private house.