Residential Rooftop Viareggio

Site overview
Location Viareggio, Italy
Coordinates 43.87° N, 10.25° E
Average global irradiance 1,550 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 15.1 °C, 59.2 °F
Average precipitation 960 mm/yr, 37.8 in/yr
Installation overview
Date onstream May 09
System capacity 1.12 kWp
Panel type SC75-EX-A (75 W)
Number of installed panels 15
Tilt angle, orientation 17°, 40° SW
Output 3,045 kWh (May 09 - Sep 11)
Total CO2-reduction 1,523 kg/yr, 3,351 lbs/yr
Inverster SMA Sunny Boy 1100-IT
Financing Bank
Private Investement

The Novelli PV project, located in the town of Viareggio, is a private rooftop installation with 1.12 kWp system capacity. It was installed by the Italian PV specialist Delta Energie, a leading solar consultancy, design and installation company focused on the Tuscany region.

This private house is located between Versilia and the Apuane mountains, a green area of pinewood in the Torre del Lago Puccini village, where the famous composer Giacomo Puccini was born.

Since this region is part of the “Parco Regionale di San Rossore e di Massarosa” and in order to be in harmony with the landscape and the area’s typical architecture, Delta Energie decided to install Solar Frontier’s CIS modules. Due to their uniformly black appearance the Solar Frontier CIS modules integrate very well in the existing landscape and the typical Tuscany architecture thus respecting the park’s regulations.

An additional important advantage of Solar Frontier’s CIS modules that convinced Delta Energie and the house owner, is their high shadow tolerance. Combined with careful planning on the part of skilled photovoltaic engineers, they provide the highest possible output. The shading of nearby obstacles, as in this case the two chimneys, can be predicted in the course of each day in the year. Thus, optimal module orientation and string layout can be calculated, in order to keep the shading losses to an absolute minimum. In this way, engineer Giuseppe Rega could solve the shadowing problems and could enable the PV installation to fully satisfy the energy needs of the Novelli house.