Residential Rooftop Weikersheim

Site Overview
Location Weikersheim, Germany
Coordinates 49.38° N, 10.19° E
Average global irradiance 1,055 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 10.8 °C, 51.44 °F
Average precipitation 640 mm/yr, 25.2 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstream December 2011
System capacity 12.6 kWp
Panel type SF150-L (150 W)
Number of installed panels 84
Tilt angle, orientation 40°, -90° E, 90° W
Expected output 10,594 kWh/yr
Total CO2reduction 9,387 kg/yr, 20,695 lbs/yr
Inverter KACO Powador 12.0 TL3
Financing Bank
Volksbank Vorbach-Tauber eG.

RUSOL GmbH & Co. KG, based in Ispringen was founded in 2003 as a distributor of high-quality photovoltaic energy solutions. The product range comprises high-end photovoltaic modules, inverters and substructures. Consulting services such as technical, commercial and logistics consultation complete the service portfolio.

This installation of Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules has been installed on a private rooftop in the city of Weikersheim, Franconia and was connected to the grid in December 2011. The homeowner chose Solar Frontier modules because of their high output generated even under difficult conditions. A total of 84 Solar Frontier CIS modules were mounted on both roof surfaces of the house with an unfavorable east-/west orientation and high tilt angle of 40°.

In contrast to conventionally used crystalline silicon modules, Solar Frontier‘s CIS thin-film modules supply higher yields due to their excellent low-light behavior and good shadow tolerance even under the unfavorable conditions as described here. The 12.6 kWp solar installation will generate 10,594 kWh of energy annually and avoid 9,387 kg of CO2 thanks to the high performance of CIS modules.