Residential Rooftop Wiesen

Site Overview
Location Wiesen, Germany
Coordinates 50.11° N, 9.36° E
Average global irradiance 1,100 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 11.5 °C, 52.7 °F
Average precipitation 700 mm/yr, 27.56 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstream September 2011
System capacity 8.58 kWp
Panel type SF130-L (130 W)
Number of installed panels 66
Tilt angle, orientation 40°, 30° south
Expected output 8,065 kWh/yr
Total CO2-reduction 7,975 kg/yr
Inverter Delta Solivia 5.0, Delta Solivia 3.3
Financing Bank
Raiffeisenbank Aschaffenburg e. G.

HSL Laibacher GmbH was founded in 2005 in Wiesen/Spessart and specializes in photovoltaic and security systems. Created in 2009, Europe Solar Concept GmbH & Co. KG is its branch for distribution of solar modules, inverters and solar system supplies.

Today, HSL Laibacher is one of the leading installation companies for PV systems in the Rhein-Main area, with over 50 employees, and has connected more than 1,500 solar installations to the grid.

This object represents a private rooftop solar system in Wiesen with 66 CIS thin-film modules from Solar Frontier with a system capacity of 8.58 kWp installed by HSL Laibacher GmbH. The rooftop installation is expected to produce 8,065 kWh/yr and also reduce CO2 emission by 7,975 kg per year.

The homeowners selected Solar Frontier´s CIS modules to take advantage of better performance on a sub-optimal non south oriented rooftop. Even under these conditions, considered to be non optimal, Solar Frontier`s CIS thin-film modules perform better than other technologies. The excellent low light behavior as well as their shadow resistance, lead to high output levels even in the case of non-south orientation. In terms of aesthetic design the Solar Frontier modules enhance the rooftop and were selected because of their uniform black appearance which integrates very well into the surrounding residential neighborhood.