Scaffolding Company Wankendorf

Site Overview
Location Wankendorf, Germany
Coordinates 54.12° N, 10.21° E
Average global irradiance 956 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 8.9 °C, 48.02 °F
Average precipitation 819 mm/yr, 32.24 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstream November 2010
System capacity 98.75 kWp
Panel type SF82H-EX-B
Number of installed panels 1,197
Tilt angle, orientation 10°, 90° East/West
Output 47.522,35 kWh (01.01.2011 - 30.06.2011)
Total CO2reduction 65,807 kg/yr, 145,080 lbs/yr
Inverter SMA SMC 9000/10000 TL
Financing Bank

Based in Northern Germany, BALTICSOLAR is an innovative and leading company, founded in 2004 by solar energy specialists with deep experience in developing and marketing photovoltaic facilities. From consulting to purchasing and planing by its engineers, right up to installation by the experienced BALTICSOLAR construction team – all theses services are delivered by the same company.

In November 2010 BALTICSOLAR planned and installed a rooftop mounted solar power plant for a small business scaffolding company in Wankendorf (Schleswig-Holstein). The system consists of 1,197 CIS thin-film modules with a total capacity of 98.75 kWp.

The challenge of this installation was to compensate for the low tilt angle of the modules on an east-west oriented rooftop. The installed Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules, generate a higher overall output compared to crystalline solar modules, especially under low light conditions common to east and west alligned roofs. An additional decisive purchase factor was the aesthetic uniform black appearance of the modules, which integrates well with the surrounding environment.

The output data from January to the end of June outperformed expectations with an output of 48,000 kWh. This increases the expected system output from 784 kWh/kWp to 967 kWh/kWp annually.