SIEIM Industrial Park Netanya

Site Overview
LocationNetanya, Israel
Coordinates32.29° N, 34.87° E
Average global irradiance1,950 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature21 °C, 70 °F
Average precipitation550 mm/yr, 21.7/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstreamNovember 2011
System capacity52.6 kWp
Panel typeSF150-L (150 W)
Number of installed panels351
Tilt angle, orientation15°, 23° SSW
Expected output98,500 kWh/yr
Total CO2-reduction47,000 kg/yr, 103,6000 lbs/yr
InverterSMA STP 17000 (x2) + SMA STP 16000
Financing Bank

BELECTRIC Israel, a fully owned subsidiary of the global BELECTRIC group, plans, develops, builds and maintains turnkey solar systems in Israel. Moreover, BELECTRIC Israel does project planning and installation of solar systems in close collaboration with the headquarter of BELECTRIC in Germany with an experienced team of professional architects and engineers.

This 52 kWp PV rooftop solution premieres Solar Frontier´s presence in Israel. Israel´s coastal climate – hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters – favor Solar Frontier CIS modules. In the summer months, when the module temperature quite often exceeds 75 °C, the module´s high temperature stability assures top performance, whereas other modules rapidly decline. CIS technology has a lower temperature coefficient, smaller loss in conversion efficiency as temperature increases. In winter, superior yields can be expected, because Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules perform well in low or diffuse light. These factors make Solar Frontier CIS modules the best choice.

The solar system is installed on a flat roof. In fact there is no connection between the system and the roof itself. The system is sitting on a special metal substructure (made of IPE beams and C profile templates) that is connected directly to the metal main columns of the building and the templates of the roof.