Solar Power Plant Rhodos

Site Overview
LocationRhodes, Greece
Coordinates36.47° N, 27.94° E
Average global irradiance1,718.9 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature19.5 °C, 67.1 °F
Average precipitation588 mm/yr, 23.1 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstreamJanuary 2012
System capacity99.75 kWp
Panel typeSF150-L (150 W)
Number of installed panels665
Tilt angle, orientation20°, 0° S
Expected output195,000 kWh/yr
Total CO2reduction157,700 kg/yr, 340,340 lbs/yr
Financing Bank

With SOLAR LOGIC ’s turnkey solar solutions, customers and partners can reap the benefits of financial, technical and operational security. SOLAR LOGIC specializes in utility-scale PV engineering, procurement, and commissioning (EPC). The team builds on its technical experience, global connections and financing capabilities for customized solar power plant solutions. SOLAR LOGIC honors the three pillars of sustainable project success: time, quality and cost. The company’s goal is to develop solid and innovative concepts in order to maximize long term profit.

Based on their strong evaluation criteria, the experienced SOLAR LOGIC project managers managed the full spectrum of planning and construction activities of the Rhodes 100 kW PV installation, while coordinating all tasks and handling hundreds of interfaces. SOLAR LOGIC with their proven expertise achieved successful plant completion at the quoted price, with outstanding quality - in a timely fashion.

 This installation takes advantage of the outstanding product features of Solar Frontier’s CI S thin-film modules, especially their high temperature stability. Due to the low temperature coefficient of Solar Frontier’s modules, their loss of performance stays low with increasing temperatures, meaning higher output levels compared to other technologies. This evidence is shown in the direct comparison between the performance of Solar Frontier’s CI S thin-film modules and crystalline modules installed at the same site where Solar Frontier’s output levels are up to 10 % higher.