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The price of electricity has been increasing annually by almost 4% in the past 10 years. Would you prefer not to be dependent on this trend? Then simply produce a part of your electricity yourself – with your own PV system. A single investment today will reduce your electricity costs for many decades to come. Solar Frontier products and system solutions will help you to stop depending on the increasing price of electricity and will do so for the next 20 years and beyond. We provide you with all of this from a single source. 

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Finding the correct solar solution for their needs poses a major challenge for many prospective customers. The following aspects can be useful in finding the right system solution:


Of primary importance for most customers: their PV system must pay off. This means: the system must produce high electricity yields, and thus generate as many kWh per installed kWp as possible. The higher this value, the more electricity is produced and the more attractive is the long-term investment. Solar Frontier products are distinguished by top yields in a wide range of applications, regardless of whether chimneys or surrounding trees produce shade - Solar Frontier products achieve higher yields than comparable technologies.


The Solar Frontier modules are based on what is known as CIS technology, a unique solar technology which applies a razor-thin, but extremely powerful PV coating with a thickness of just a few hundredths of a millimetre to a backing layer. This highly efficient PV layer is covered by various protective layers and two glass panels, which are paired with a sturdy aluminium frame. This design produces unique yield and quality advantages not just today but also in years to come.


The quality of a PV module cannot always be seen immediately, but rather becomes apparent only after years of operation. Today's solar-energy systems are designed for service lives of more than 20 years. This makes the longevity of a solar-energy system even more important. The high level of automation of our production facilities in Japan, combined with quality monitoring well above the industrial standard, ensures that you will continue enjoying your solar-energy system far into the future. This applies not only for our solar modules, but also for all of the other products which we offer.


Many customers consider solar-energy systems an integral part of a house. For this reason the same standards apply for the PV solution as for the house itself. Even when a solar-energy system is "only" installed on the roof, it is visible from far away. Most of the solar modules on today's market have a bluish or black shimmer, which originates from the silicon wafers used. The individual cells and their electrical conducting paths can also be seen. Solar Frontier modules have a solid black module surface and a black frame. This clearly differentiates the modules from other products and provides an aesthetic highlight on your roof.


Harmful substances, such as lead or cadmium, are sometimes used for the production of PV modules. The substances are harmless to humans during operation but require special disposal technologies, particularly for recycling. The Solar Frontier modules contain no harmful raw materials of any kind and are thus completely safe both during operation and when disposed of.


Residential RooftopBacknangGermany9.6 kWpResidential RooftopBournemouthUnited Kingdom2.9 kWpResidential RooftopErlbachGermany19 kWpResidential RooftopMagliano SabinaItaly4.8 kWpResidential RooftopPooleUnited Kingdom2 x 3.6 kWpResidential RooftopRanstBelgium8.7 kWpResidential RooftopSilkeborgDenmark6.9 kWpResidential RooftopSwakopmundNamibia3.6 kWp
Residential Rooftop
9.6 kWp
Residential Rooftop
United Kingdom
2.9 kWp
Residential Rooftop
19 kWp
Residential Rooftop
Magliano Sabina
4.8 kWp
Residential Rooftop
United Kingdom
2 x 3.6 kWp
Residential Rooftop
8.7 kWp
Residential Rooftop
6.9 kWp
Residential Rooftop
3.6 kWp