Tetto commerciale - Biddinghuizen

Dati geografici
LuogoBiddinghuizen, Paesi Bassi
Coordinate geografiche52.43° N, 5.63° E
Irradiazione annua globale1.026 kWh/m2
Media annuale temperatura10,5 °C
Precipitazioni annuali800 mm
Dati tecnici
Data connessione alla reteGiugno 2014
Potenza installata223.2 kWp
Tipo moduliSF155-S (155 W)
Quantità di moduli1.440
Inclinazione, orientamento15° / 20°, 140°
Produzione stimata176.068 kWh/anno
CO2 risparmiata117.357 kg/anno
InverterSamil Power - SolarLake 17000TL
Banca finanziatrice

Based in Weesp in the Netherlands, Solarclarity BV is a rapidly growing,international distributor specializing in PV products, supplying installersand resellers throughout Europe and the Caribbean. Solarclarity is activelydeveloping its profile as a partner with extensive product knowledge andindustry experience. The company’s main objective is to take care of theentire purchasing and supply process of PV materials for its customers, sothat they can focus on selling and installing solar energy systems.

A Solar Frontier installation with a capacity of 223.2 kWp was recently putin place on the roof of this turkey farm in Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands.The owner of the farm building, which accommodates 18,000 turkeys, hadthe roof renovated previously and want to take the opportunity to switchto solar power for his energy needs. Consequently, 1,440 Solar FrontierPowerModules based on the CIS technology have been producing greenenergy since their connection to the grid in June 2014.

The farmer was especially impressed by the low light behaviour of theSolar Frontier PowerModules: the roof of the building faces northwest. Forpolycrystalline modules, this is often seen as a factor that reduces the yieldof a solar plant. This is not the case with Solar Frontier PowerModules, whichare highly sensible to light and thus able to use lower levels of radiatedlight, yielding more hours of operation and high yields. Thanks to theammonia resistance of the CIS modules, the customer can also rest assuredthat energy production will not be affected by the keeping of animals andthe conditions on site associated therewith.

About Solar FrontierSolar 
Frontier is committed to creating the world’s most ecological, economicalsolar energy solutions. Our proprietary CIS technology (denotingkey ingredients copper, indium, and selenium) has the best overallpotential to set the world’s most enduring standard for solar energy. Formore information visit www.solar-frontier.com and www.solar-frontier.eu