Tetto commerciale Darlington

Dati geografici
LuogoDarlington, Gran Bretagna
Coordinate geografiche54,51° N , 1,54° O
Irradiazione annua globale1.100 kWh/m2
Media annuale temperatura8,8 °C
Precipitazioni annuali660 mm
Dati tecnici
Data connessione alla reteFebbraio 2014
Potenza installata142,1 kWp
Tipo moduli170-S (SF170 W)
Quantità di moduli836
Inclinazione, orientamento15°
Produzione stimata156.000 kWh/anno
CO2 risparmiata81.500 kg/anno
InverterSchneider contact 20.000 und 10.000
Banca finanziatrice



Life Long Energy is a medium sized business based in Nottingham, UK. With its 150 years of experience in renewable energy and construction, the company is a well-established and reputed player in the sector.

With its capacity of 142.1 kWp, this impressive Solar Frontier installation represents the largest on roof thin film installation in the United Kingdom. The solar system was installed at the Northern Echo Arena in Darlington, which is home to the Darlington Mowden Park Rugby Football Club and comprises a total of 866 PowerModules, which are based on the CIS technology. On site, the modules are exposed to partial shade due to the steels of the cantilever roof. This will, however, only slightly limit the output of the installation as Solar Frontier CIS modules are knowingly producing unrestrictedly energy although under partial shade. For the installation of Darlington Mowden Park Rugby Football Club, thus, an annual output of 156,000 kWh was calculated.

Accordingly, the new Solar Frontier facility helps the club to reduce the cost of operating their new and considerably larger stadium. Thanks to the PowerModules of Solar Frontier, the club can now cover the resulting higher energy requirement with solar energy. The responsible project managers are enthused about Solar Frontier’s PowerModules: in a direct comparison with the polychristalline modules which were also installed on the roof, the Solar Frontier modules showed higher yields which can be attributed, amongst others, to the excellent low light behaviour of the PowerModules.