Tetto commerciale Kröpelin

Dati geografici
LuogoKröpelin, Germania
Coordinate geografiche54,07° N, 11,78° E
Irradiazione annua globale1.047 kWh/m2
Media annuale temperatura8,8 °C
Precipitazioni annuali591 mm
Dati tecnici
Data connessione alla reteMarzo 2012
Potenza installata961,14 kWp
Tipo moduliSF130-L (130 W), SF150-L (150 W)
Quantità di moduli5.013 x SF130-L, 2.063 x SF150-L
Inclinazione, orientamento

14°, -113° NE/ 14°, 67° SO/

10°, -33° SE

Produzione stimata860,220 kWh/anno
CO2 risparmiata559,143 kg/anno
Inverter56 x SMA Tripower
Banca finanziatrice
VR Bank Schwerin



Moderne Energie Systeme GmbH (MES) offers planning, design, construction and maintenance services for photovoltaic systems. Headquartered in Parchim in northern Germany, the company works exclusively with manufacturers selected for their reliability. It serves customers in all segments - from residential to commercial and utility-scale.

The installation on five rooftops of a potato warehouse in the town of Kröpelin, approximately 20 km west of Rostock, was connected to the grid in March 2012. On the previously renovated rooftops of the buildings, 7,076 Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules were installed. The 961.14 kWp system, with predominantly east/west orientation of the gable rooftops, achieves high efficiencies due to the good low-light behavior of the CIS thin-film modules, even with unfavorable irradiance levels.

Thanks to the unique properties of Solar Frontier´s CIS thin-film modules, the system is expected to produce a high annual output of 860,220 kWh. This is the equivalent of supplying 200 four-person households in Germany and offsets about 559 tons of CO2 emissions.

Like all of MES’s installations, this system is equipped with a monitoring system that provides the service teams with current data including CO2 savings. Initial analysis of the output data convinced the owner, that chosing the CIS thin-film modules was the right decision for these conditions.