Tetto residenziale Basel

Dati geografici
LuogoBasel, Svizzera
Coordinate geografiche47° 31' 58'' N/S, 7° 35' 42'' E
Irradiazione annua globale1,000 kWh/m2
Media annuale temperatura9.6 °C
Precipitazioni annuali777 mm
Dati tecnici
Data connessione alla reteOttobre 2013
Potenza installata4.8 kWp
Tipo moduliSF 160-S (160 W)
Quantità di moduli30
Inclinazione, orientamento45°, 0° (S)
Produzione stimata4,700 kWh/anno
CO2 risparmiata3,120 kg/anno
InverterKostal Piko 5.5
Banca finanziatrice
Private Investment



Solvatec AG was founded in 1998 and is based in Basel, Switzerland. It is a leading company in the Swiss solar power market for consulting, planning, marketing and implementing photovoltaic systems. The company’s team of experienced PV specialists place particular emphasis on integrating solar systems aesthetically and functionally with the building structure.

This 4.8 kWp system on the roof of a private residence in Basel was installed as a replacement solution for an existing system. The interesting thing about this installation was that the customer’s roof had been covered with solar tiles for 20 years – a solution for which he had even received an award in the past. But the owner asserts that over the years the tiles never achieved the yield that was promised when he bought them. After just one year of operation, the system output fell to just a half of the expected levels, and by the end of the third year it was generating only 10 to 20 % of what had been promised. Despite his negative experience with PV, the customer was very impressed by the way the solution with Solar Frontier CIS thin film modules looked.

If he was most taken by its attractive black look in the beginning, having put the system into operation the customer is even more satisfied with the high yields it generates. The properties of the Solar Frontier Modules enable the achievement of higher yields than other technologies even in difficult conditions such as shading, low light or unfavorable rooforientation to deliver a perfect combination of outstanding aesthetics and unsurpassed performance.

About Solar Frontier
Solar Frontier is committed to creating the world’s most ecological, economical solar energy solutions. Our proprietary CIS technology (denoting key ingredients copper, indium, and selenium) has the best overall potential to set the world’s most enduring standard for solar energy. For more information visit www.solar-frontier.com and www.solar-frontier.eu