Tetto residenziale Radevormwald

Dati geografici
LuogoRadevormwald, Germania
Coordinate geografiche51.12° N, 7.22° E
Irradiazione annua globale976 kWh/m2
Media annuale temperatura8.6 °C
Precipitazioni annuali835 mm
Dati tecnici
Data connessione alla reteAgosto 2013
Potenza installata6,9 kWp
Tipo moduliSF165-S (165 W)
Quantità di moduli42
Inclinazione, orientamento40° / 20°, -45° SE / 45° SO
Produzione stimata6,700 kWh/anno
CO2 risparmiata6,759 kg/anno
Inverter3x SF-WR-3000
Banca finanziatrice



lean solar GmbH is a system provider in solar and renewable energy con- cepts. They offer custom-made energy consulting and individual solutions for environmental energy generation and cost reduction. As a “one-stop” provider they can pass significant benefits and costs transparently to their customers. From planning to commissioning, lean solar GmbH remains the sole contact for customers.

In Radevormwald in Northrhein-Westphalia two PowerSets with a com- bined power of 6.9 kWp were installed on a house roof and carport. The two installations were connected to the grid in August 2013. The south- east-facing roof of the private house has a 4.6 kWp PowerSet with a total of 28 Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules. The carport’s 2.3 kWp PowerSet 2.3 has 14 modules. The combined PowerSets are expected to produce about 6,700 kWh of electricity annually, which will be used directly by the family.

PowerSets’ advantages are the result of Solar Frontier’s optimization of com- ponents and configuration to both maximize output and save installation time and expense. The on-roof layout options of Solar Frontier PowerSets are more flexible because of the modules’ high shadow tolerance In spite of the challenges of shadowing on this home’s car port and a fairly high roof inclination angle of 40°, Solar Frontier’s CIS modules deliver high ef- ficiency in part because of excellent shadow tolerance and good low-light behavior.