Commercial Rooftop Lelystad

Site Overview
LocationLelystad, Netherlands
Coordinates52.26° N, 5.32° E
Average global irradiance1,050 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature10.5 °C, 50.9 °F
Average precipitation800 mm/yr, 31.5 in/yr
Technical Overview
Date onstreamOctober 2012
System capacity31.0 kWp
Panel typeSF155-L (155 W) 
Number of installed panels200
Tilt angle, orientation20°, -43° SE
Expected output25,765 kWh/yr
Total CO2reduction21,128 kg/yr,56,802 lbs/yr
Inverter2x DiehlAko Platinum 17000TL3
Financing Bank

SolarClarity, based in Weesp, is one of the leading PV wholesalers in the Netherlands. The company has formed a team of counselors, technical experts and professionals to provide high quality products and first class services to customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The main goal of the company is to contribute to the development of renewable energies, especially solar energy.

This 31 kWp Solar Frontier PV system was designed by SolarClarity and installed by HG Montage as part of a renovation of the barn rooftop. It was connected to the grid in October 2012 in the Dutch town of Lelystad. 200 Solar Frontier’s CIS modules were installed on a 245 m² subarea of the southeast faced rooftop of the building. The system is expected to produce more than 25,000 kWh of energy per year and will offset more than 21 tons of CO2 emission.

On top of the new black rooftop cladding, the black Solar Frontier modules match perfectly with the overall appearance of the building. The Solar Frontier modules were also selected due to the high output of CIS thinfilm technology even under unfavorable conditions like this south-east orientation. Beside this, the ammonia resistance of the CIS modules is advantageous in an agricultural environment. All these advantages confirmed Wim Stegeman in his decision for Solar Frontier’s cadmium- and lead free CIS thin-film modules.